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Earn rewards for hitting goals along your debt freedom journey.

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Why people love Debbie?
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Has really helped my debt payoff!

Love how this app rewards you for your progress. The streaks have helped me make substantial progress on my debt, and the quick wins have taught me lots about financial literacy. Thanks Debbie!!!

Easy to use and modern looking

This has turned into my favorite app. I love how intuitive and interactive it is. Getting $ to connect my credit card account, no financial institution does this!

Love Debbie!

Earning money by paying off debt is incredibly motivating. The learning pathways are helpful for general financial education. The developers have been receptive to feedback and are actively working to improve the app, which I love!


Build a custom debt freedom plan

Sticker: Find your hustle
Sticker: Dreams don't work unless you do

Behavioral science to lose debt for good


Earn rewards for sticking to your goals

How Debbie works

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Handwritten text: For long term victories, set short-term goals
Handwritten text: Good habbits are rewarding
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Easily hook up and track your credit cards and spending accounts.

Debbie helps you visualize your debt payoff progress.

Smartphone imageHandwritten text: For long term victories, set short-term goals
Handwritten text: For long term victories, set short-term goals

Get personalized goals and tips to build good money habits

Every week, receive tasks and money challenges to accomplish that get you one step further towards debt freedom

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Handwritten text: Good habbits are rewarding

Earn cash rewards for hitting your goals

We don't just give you advice, we actually reward you for taking it!

About Debbie

What is Debbie?

Debbie is where you start your journey to debt freedom. This is the program that guides, motivates, and rewards you for paying off debt! Debbie users have paid off 3x more debt than the average borrower, as well as saved around $100/month on average. Do you want to be part of this elite crowd? 👀

How does Debbie work?

At the core of Debbie is a psychology-based debt payoff program, where we help you understand your money mindset, set goals, track your progress, and earn rewards when you reach milestones! Each part of the Debbie program will help you gain the knowledge and tools to upgrade your habits, stay out of debt forever, and build wealth.

Is Debbie free?

Yes, Debbie is 100% free 🙌

How does Debbie make money?

Debbie partners with financial institutions that want to see you succeed. What’s in it for them? Well, you’re paying bills on time and using their savings account - they like that. Debbie makes money in two ways. 1) In addition to the rewards, our financial partners pay us a fee to offer the Debbie program. 2) We help you unlock financial products at better rates. When you do unlock it, the partner pays us for the new business.

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