The Grind Must Stop 💯

We love a hustle… but rest and relaxation are truly fundamental parts of success.

In today’s working world, “no days off” and “the grind never stops” are phrases that a lot of people live by.

We love a hustle… but rest and relaxation are truly fundamental parts of success.

There are quite a few distractions in this digital world - and someone or something is always requiring your attention. No matter how much you have on your plate, resting and unplugging is vital to your physical and mental health.

Short Sprints 🏃

The human body was built for short sprints, not a marathon. It’s imperative that you take short wellness breaks so you can refresh and preserve through your routine, whether thats at work or on a day to day basis.

Set some reminders on your phone or calendar for a wellness walk, an unplug, meditation, or anything else that takes your mind off of the usual.

Adequate rest helps your body activate its inner healing so that you can return to a state of balance. This keeps you charged for whatever else the day may bring you 🧘‍♀️

Ways to Unplug 🔌:

  1. Wellness Walk: Block off time on your calendar for a stroll around the block.
  2. Meditate: Take some time to practice mindfulness. There’s a lot of great apps out there for meditation!
  3. Catch the Sunrise/Sunset: Try to catch the sunrise/sunset from outside your home! It can be super enjoyable and reflective.
  4. Write Down Your Wins: Remember your wins! Jot down a few things you’re proud of yourself for this week.
  5. Call a Friend: Phone a friend/ family member that is super enjoyable to chat with that can ease your stress.

Productivity Boost 👨‍💻

You know your muscles get tired after a work out? Well just like that happens, your brain also gets tired and fatigued after a long day. Its scientifically proven that you are way more productive after your brain returns from a restful state (hence why important tasks and meetings are scheduled on Mondays 😉).

Taking days off to allow you to recharge will allow you to work more effectively whenever you get back to it 💪

Make Better Decisions ✅

“Sleep on it” wasn’t coined for no reason. Rest improves your ability to make better decisions. When you grind too hard, the lack of rest reduces your concentration and also hinders your mental capacity 🧠 This can lead to irritability and lack of creativity.

Rest your perspective, and make better decisions.

To sum it up, hustle culture thrives on stress and shockingly the human body needs rest. Theres some standard today that makes us think you must exert yourself at 110% in order to succeed. Thats not the case.

Allow yourself to take some days off to relax and recharge. While you may feel like you’re working less, you really will just be working smarter- not harder.

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