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How do you protect my privacy?

All data you enter into Debbie is encrypted using industry standard technology. We may need to share some of your personal information with our partners, but we never sell your data.

How do you connect my accounts to Debbie?

Debbie uses Plaid, a third party provider, to link your external accounts with Debbie with minimum effort and maximum security. Read more about Plaid here.

Does signing up for Debbie impact my credit score?

Signing up for Debbie does not impact your credit score. If you choose to participate in Debbie’s Rate Crusher program, we will initially do a soft credit pull which will not affect your credit score. In fact, we’ve heard from many members that Debbie helped improve their credit score overall.

If you choose to redeem your Rate Crusher offer, it will be reported to the Credit Bureaus.

Does Debbie sell my data to 3rd parties?

Debbie does not sell your data to 3rd parties. To read our privacy policy, follow this link.

How do I link an account?

You can link a new account directly through the app. Head to “Profile”, “Linked Accounts”, and “Add Another Account”. Follow the prompts from Plaid and your account is linked!

My data isn’t syncing correctly. What should I do?

If you are having issues with your accounts not syncing properly to Debbie, please let us know at!

How do I de-link an account from Debbie?

If you need to de-link an account from Debbie, please shoot us an email at so we can get it disconnected for you 🙌

My financial institution is not listed on Plaid. What should I do?

We’re always looking to add more institutions! If your institution is not listed on Plaid, go ahead and put in a request so we can look into it. To do so, head to Once prompted to connect an account after logging in click “Continue without connecting”. When asked “What’s stopping you from connecting your accounts?” and clicking “My institution is not listed”- you’ll be able to fill in your missing institution details.

How do I cash out?

Once you reach $50 on your Debbie account, you'll see an option to cash out within your app 💸

From there, you can choose to cash out via PayPal or a check in the mail. PayPal cash outs take between 3-5 days.

How is my streak goal calculated?

Your streak goal is calculated based on your connected account data, along with the income information that you provided.

How do I reach my streak goal?

Based on your current debt and savings levels, you’ll see your personalized goals on the home screen⚡ Your debt payoff goal focuses on your current debts/loans and your savings goal comes from your savings balance.

Once you tap on them, you’ll see the goal amount that you should be aiming for in a given month, along with the reward that you will get if you satisfy the required goal!

How do I change my contact information with Debbie?

Need to change your email, phone number, or name on file with Debbie? Please shoot us an email at so we can help you out!

*Due to our policy, we are only able to update your phone number or email address once every 6 months with ID verification for protection and privacy of your account and data.

How do I close my Debbie account?

We would hate to see you go💔, but if you wish to delete your Debbie account, please send us an email at We’ll take care of that for you!

I need more help. How do I contact Debbie?

In order to contact our support team, shoot us an email at 📨 We’re here for you from 9AM-5PM EST Monday through Friday!

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