The Debbie Ultimate Budget Gift Guide 🎁

This year marks year 2 of our budget holiday gift guide. We plan to make this an annual tradition, so those of us budget-conscious folks can find the best gifts/deals that their family and friends will love.

Our goal with this guide is to help your gift recipients feel like:

  • You spent a bunch of money on a luxe item (when you didn’t), or…
  • You spent a lot of time/effort on it
  • They can actually use the gift instead of putting it in the corner

Having a tight budget doesn’t mean you need to give people small, useless gifts. Here we go….

Category: Home

  1. A personalized cutting board  - useful and custom-made, your person will feel special!
  2. Gourmet grilling spice set - these are super tasty and go with everything, especially for the food risk-averse
  3. Hot sauce set - for your hot sauce fanatic friends, try a sampler.
  4. A meaningful photo in a beautiful frame - this is a really special gift that can show your love for the other person.
  5. A slow cooker - it’s small but mighty; cook up a nice chili for dinner
  6. A 100% real marble rolling pin - bougie without breaking the bank, for your friends who like to bake
  7. Infused olive oil set - the truffles makes you look like a big spender, while these infusions are all delicious
  8. Test Tube Wall Planter - this is a beautiful piece of decor for a friend who doesn’t kill all of their plants
  9. An adorable cereal-shaped candle - kinda useless but really really adorable
  10. Gourmet blooming tea set - can you tell we love food gifts? This one is particularly magical with the blooming flower

Category: Women’s Beauty/Apparel

  1. Face Mist Set - shower yourself in fresh mist like the high-maintenance girl you are
  2. Multi-masking set - who needs one mask when you can have 5!
  3. This massive palette - a good quality palette, with lots of colors, for under $25?! Count us in.
  4. Silk pillowcase - your hair will thank you and your friends will think you have $$$
  5. Leather texting gloves - these are 100% genuine leather, will keep you warm, while letting you text your ex
  6. 3 piece jade roller set - relax at the end of the day by depuffing your face
  7. 39-piece sheet mask set - korean skincare has been booming, and this sheet mask set will last your friend forever
  8. Bath bomb set - get a bath running and drop one of these babies in
  9. Premium bath caddy - want to watch a movie and take a bath? Go for it!
  10. Pacifica hydrating skincare set - hydrate your face with quality skincare on a budget

Category: Kid’s

  1. A classic board game (like bananagrams) - these will never go out of style and are good for the entire family
  2. Sun or Moon lamp - these lamps are calming and inspire creativity
  3. a 3D puzzle - puzzles are so old school, how about a 3D puzzle?
  4. Minecraft lego - legos don’t need to be expensive
  5. Sticky Ball Dart Board - instead of target practice on your face, try this dart board
  6. Rocket launcher - that BOOM effect never gets old
  7. Walkie Talkies - send the kids on a mission while you relax
  8. Roller skates - I would’ve loved these as a kid! Keep them happy and active.
  9. An old-school NERF gun - disclaimer: they may have a ton of fun using you for aim
  10. A giant bubble gun - we tried this at a wedding instead of throwing flowers. Most fun ever!

Category: Men’s

  1. This camping cookware set - super useful and convenient for those who like camping
  2. Beard grooming kit - help him tame his face mane
  3. Cocktail mixology set - can he make me a martini?
  4. Magnetic chess set - make him use his brain a little bit
  5. Portable hammock - for the lazy dad in all of us
  6. Whiskey Glass Set - for those business meetings he likes to have in the house
  7. Transparent espresso cups (set of 4) - for when friends come over and he wants to impress them
  8. BBQ rub set - back to the food recs. We really really love food gifts.
  9. Personalized Zippo lighter - personalized gifts are always a good call, and you can’t go wrong with Zippo
  10. Magic Bullet knock-off - it can literally make anything.

But, we’re not done yet………

Bonus items:

  • An app subscription (We recommend Rocket Money! And no, they won’t get mad that you think they need to budget)
  • An IOU for a 3 course home-cooked dinner. This won’t cost you very much and will feel very special.
  • An ice-skating date!! Very season appropriate, and doesn’t break the bank.

And that’s all folks. If you can think of any other ideas, we’d love to hear them at

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