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Build better debt behavior, engagement, and savings by rewarding your members.
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What is Debbie?

Debbie is a program that rewards your borrowers for good financial habits. We use behavioral psychology and actionable financial tasks to create sustainable change.

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Get More Out of Your

Debbie’s rewards-based curriculum can help engage your existing portfolio and improve profitability on the loans.

🏆 Retain your best customers

Our rewards program helps you keep your best borrowers and expand wallet share.

📉 Reduce
delinquencies / defaults

Debbie gives you levers to engage with your borrowers post-origination, keeping them from reaching delinquency.

đź’° Improve financial

Target the holistic financial health of your members and borrowers, allowing them to free up savings.

Grow Your Loans, Safely

At Debbie, we create better credit card refinance opportunities for credit unions, community banks, and other financial institutions through our behavioral program. Our users are less risky, paying off debt 3x more consistently and putting $100 towards savings on average.

High-Value Borrowers

Our proprietary debt payoff curriculum creates trust and pre-qualifies the most motivated borrowers for a fraction of the cost.

Easy Integration

We work together on your ideal credit box and application requirements to create a seamless digital experience for you and the borrower

Clean Terms

No minimums or advance commitments. You pay us for the loans that close.

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