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Grow Your Membership

At Debbie, we connect credit unions, community banks, or other financial institutions to highly motivated new members and consumers.

High-Value Consumers

To access the Debbie app, consumers are required to open an account with a Debbie partner in their region. You earn the trust of new members by rewarding them for positive financial behavior, like saving and paying off debt.

Easy Integration

We match our user population and credit metrics to your eligibility criteria to create a seamless digital experience for you and the prospect, with little to no technical lift.

Clean Terms

No advance commitments. You pay us for new members and consumers that actually convert.

Our users are:

• Average age of 30 and looking to achieve their financial goals
• Paying off debt 3x more consistently
• Putting $100 towards savings on average.

Engage Your Existing Base

Leverage Debbie’s program to reward your consumers and members for positive financial behavior. Our co-branded app allows you to reward them for reducing their debt, increasing their savings, and getting to know more about products you offer.


Reduce debt

Target the holistic financial health of your members and borrowers, allowing them to free up savings.


Increase deposits

Debbie users save on average $100/month as a result of our behavior change curriculum


Increase wallet share

Over 80% of Debbie users view products we endorse more favorably than other institutions.

Case Studies

How MSUFCU saw 2x lift in deposits growth amongst younger members
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LFCU helped its community refinance high-interest debt from 20%+ APR down to 10% on average, via Debbie
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