Debbie Reward Program Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 05/06/24

These Debbie Reward Program Terms and Conditions (“Program Terms”) govern your participation in the Debbie Rewards Program (the “Program”) offered by Debbie, Inc. (“Debbie,” “we,” or “us”). By participating in the Program, you hereby agree to be bound by these Program Terms in addition to the Debbie Terms of Service and Debbie Privacy Policy.

Program Description

By enrolling in the Program, Debbie users will have the opportunity to earn reward credits for completing certain “tasks” related to their financial health and their engagement with Debbie, which may be redeemable for cash when certain criteria are met (the “Rewards”). Task categories may be based on engagement with Debbie, debt payoff, spending or saving habits, or other behaviors, and the tasks may occur within a certain time frame or as a single event. Debbie will have sole discretion over how it assigns tasks and to whom, and Debbie will determine the amount of the Reward in its sole discretion. Debbie will evaluate whether the task was completed based on the information you have provided with respect to your linked accounts registered with Plaid, a vendor that connects customer accounts, and other sources of information as applicable in our sole discretion. 


To enroll, you must:

1. Agree to these Program Terms, the Debbie Terms of Service, and the Debbie Privacy Policy.
2. Set up an account with Debbie.
3. Connect an eligible partner bank account ("Partner Account") from the list at the bottom of these Terms

Enrollment is this Program is subject to our approval.


To be eligible for the Program, you must (1) maintain an active account with us, (2) provide a valid phone number, and (3) connect and eligible Partner Account. Debbie will evaluate the performance of the tasks solely based on the information you have provided to us via Plaid or through other channels, chosen solely at our discretion.

Your Rewards are not redeemable for cash until you have accumulated a minimum of $50 in Rewards (the “Minimum Threshold”). The amount of Rewards you have accumulated will be reflected in your Debbie account.
Once you have accumulated the Minimum Threshold of Rewards in your account, you may elect to deposit the cash value into your Partner Account. Should there be connectivity and transfer issues, you may request that Debbie offer an alternative method of redemption, such as a check to a physical residential address.
If you have not claimed your Rewards or provided the necessary information to us for us to send you your Reward within 180 days of qualifying for the Reward, Debbie retains the right to cancel that Reward and revoke eligibility for that Reward.

Attempts to create fake accounts, engage in fraud with respect to the Program, or otherwise violate these Program Terms, the Debbie Terms of Service, or applicable laws, will result in immediate suspension of your account, forfeiture of any benefits or funds awarded during this Program, and referral to any appropriate credit and/or law enforcement authorities.

Referral Program Official Rules
These Official Rules, together with the Debbie Inc. (“Debbie”) Terms of Service set forth the terms for your participation in the DebbieReferral Programs (hereinafter the “Referral Programs”). These Official Rules incorporate the Terms of Service by this reference.  In the event of a conflict between these Official Rules and the Terms of Service, these Official Rules will govern matters related to the Referral Programs but only to the extent of such conflict. Debbie may offer various Referral Programs from time to time. Debbie reserves full discretion with regards to the duration and eligibility criteria for the programs. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW. To be eligible to win a Prize(s) (defined below), you must comply with the Official Rules.

Eligibility/How to Enter.
To be eligible for the Debbie Referral Program, you must:
a. Have a single active Debbie account

To enter, entrants must meet the following criteria:
a. Refer a friend.
b. For a referral to be valid and counted, the referred user must create a Debbie account as well as link an eligible Partner Account - see Eligible Partner Accounts listed below. Debbie reserves the right to invalidate a referral if the registration was completed on behalf of the referred user by another individual, bot, or otherwise, or was completed using a fraudulent or invalid phone number. Failure to meet any of the above-listed steps will make an individual ineligible to receive a Prize.

a. $20 per valid referral, with a $10 bonus for every 5th referral.
b. The Prize will be applied directly to the entrant’s Debbie balance inside the app.
c. The overall cumulative limit for Prizes is $500 per user.

Eligible Partner Accounts
-Lafayette Federal Credit Union
-University Federal Credit Union (TX)
-Elga Credit Union
-Community Financial Credit Union (MI)
-Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

Other Important Terms and Conditions

Any notices, disputes, or issues arising from this Program will be subject to provisions and procedures set forth in the Debbie Terms of Service. To the extent there is a conflict between these Program Terms and the Debbie Terms of Service, these Program Terms will prevail. Debbie reserves the right to alter, change, and/or terminate, at any time and for any reason, these Program Terms and/or the Program, which may result in the cancellation of a Reward. In addition, Debbie reserves the right to immediately disqualify you from the Program if you have violated these Program Terms, or if you have, in its sole determination, engaged in suspicious, fraudulent, or abusive conduct, or otherwise misused the Program.