5 Side Hustles to Fight Inflation 🏃

From gas to rent to groceries - the cost of just about everything is on the rise. With inflation now at record levels in 40 years, who couldn’t use some extra cash? 💸

Your day job might help you pay for the essentials, but passive income is a game-changer when it comes to adding some cushion to your budget (and help you get through potential unemployment).

Check out these 5 side hustles to fight inflation (require very few resources/risk):

1. Upwork 🔧

- You can do just about anything on Upwork, whether it’s becoming a virtual assistant, writing, translating, transcribing, or being a social media manager- it’s time to showcase your skills 😉 The best part is, they have jobs you can apply for if it fits your skills set

2. Delivery Services 🚗

- Pick up and go! No training required + you might not even need a car depending on where you live. Check out platforms such as Uber Eats, Doordash, Instacart, or Grubhub to get started.


3. Sell Your Sh*t 👕

- Take a look at your closet and think about what you haven’t worn in the past few months. Hop on over to your local consignment shop or check out easy platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

4. I-Bonds 🏦

- I-Bonds are being offered by the US Treasury with an interest rate of almost 10%! That means for every $1000 you put in, you get almost $100 🩹 Check out more deets here.

** There’s a catch: You can’t withdraw your cash for 12 months after purchasing an I-Bond, but since they are backed by the US government, the money is pretty safe. If you need cash liquid, this may not be the best option.*

5. Rent Out Your Car 🚦

- Is there a day you know you won’t need your car? Might as well make some extra cash instead of it just sitting there. Apps like Turo make it easy to rent out your car for the day and watch the money roll in 🤑

Another day, another dolla! It’s time to hit your money goals, one side hustle at a time! We’re rooting for you 🙌

For some more information on what inflation is/means for you check out our blog here!

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