How to Boost Your Income

We all want to enter a growth mindset - the best way is to figure out how to increase your income. This is also a great way to speed up your debt payoff and wealth building process!

The internet is full of ways to make money, but oftentimes it requires some upfront investment. We’ll talk about some ways you can make more money with no investment, as well as some more heavy-duty options.

Here are 3 free methods you can start today to increase your cash flow:

1. Asking your boss for a raise

This can be nerve-racking, but we’ve built a simple process to help you strategize:

  1. Make sure to time the conversation around a positive week
  2. Research the salary range for your job to see how much higher you can go (maybe even take some interviews)
  3. Write down all the things you contributed this year and the reasons you deserve a raise

As soon as you’re ready, ask your boss if you can schedule a 1:1 to catch-up on your progress. Follow our template:

2. Taking on a flexible weekend or night gig

We’ve compiled our top 5 favorite list of free and easy side hustles:

  1. Transcription, proofreading, or virtual assistant services on Upwork or - $15-$20/hour
  2. Bartending (tips can be awesome) - $10/hour, $150 avg daily tips
  3. Marketplaces (Uber, Instacart, Doordash, etc) - $15-$25/hour
  4. Tutoring/babysitting/petsitting - $15-$70/hour
  5. Being a beta user (Usertesting or Intellizoom) - $5-$10 per action

3. Cleaning out your closet

Tidy up your home and make some extra cash, it’s a win-win. Check out our comprehensive guide to online selling on our Instagram!

But what if these aren’t enough money?

If you want to significantly increase your income, you may need a side hustle which requires some upfront investment. This can be life-changing, but also risky and time-consuming.

Here is our list of favorite heavy-duty side hustles:

  1. Creating your own product/brand (either sold on Etsy or your own website)
  2. Buying and renting out real estate (could be through Airbnb)
  3. Creative work (photography, art, design, etc)

There are many different ways to boost your income. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy way to make some extra money or you're interested in starting a more long-term side hustle, there's an option out there for you. So what are you waiting for? Start boosting your income today! For more ideas, check out Top 10 Free Side Hustles, 5 Side Hustles to Fight Inflation, and 6 Best Side Hustles to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month!

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